Jonah Ng


Jonah Ng is an experienced businessman who has made investments in several tech start-ups.
Jonah has a keen eye for business opportunities and is a great believer in the potential of technology. In Thailand, Jonah is well-known and spends a good deal of his time looking for investment possibilities.
His vision is to redefine the way that business is carried out in Thailand through the introduction of technology.


Panitan Samee


Panitan has the gift of spotting gems well before his peers. His deep insights into the Thai market always gives him a step ahead of others.
He is well versed in property development and is a current officer in the Royal Thai Police Force. Panitan has a very good understanding of the Thai business landscape and is constantly scouting for investment opportunities.

William Wang


William Wang is the founder of Meta World. He is graduated from the National University of Singapore and has extensive knowledge and experience in helping multiple enterprises with funding through Initial Coin Offerings. He consult with various companies across different industries. Mr. William is a visionary person that predicts the future moments of the crypto industry from his experience. He has produced and led a team of experts committed to providing their customers with exceptional service while offering their employees the best training.

Arounen Murdhen

Chief executive officer (CEO)

Arounen is currently leading the Meta World team using his extensive expertise in building successful projects across the crypto currency and NFT space.
Arounen has quickly established himself in the crypto world . His innovative gamified approach to community building complements his skills in white paper creation and carrying out fast-paced projects successfully. He has a strong background in Finance, which gives Meta World an edge in reaching project goals while keeping the budget in mind.

Muhammad Jawad Ul Hassan


Hassan is a full stack blockchain developer. He can translate your imaginations into smart contracts and help you to migrate your existing business to blockchain. Hassan is part of the core team of Meta Factory and has through his expertise led the blockchain development of several projects to success. He has successfully implemented the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts in several industries: gaming, construction, sports and real estate amongst others.




Nadearis a highly experienced professional with more than 12 years of work experience. She is the COO and acting CFO of Meta World. She started her career as an auditor and was involved in the design and evaluation ofinternal control risks. Throughoutthis journey, Nadear has been involved in optimizing the efficiency of multiple organizations.
Meta World is a conglomerate with multiple businesses and Nadear undoubtedly plays a criticalrole in ensuring thatthe company is in compliance with allthe laws and regulations. She is an indispensable addition to the company and contributes greatly towards the smooth running and coordination of projects.

Deena Appadoo

Head of Design and Marketing

Deena possesses a unique set of skills which blends both an analytical and a creative outlook on projects. Through her entrepreneur journey, she has successfully built a fashion brand as well as a digital marketing business. She is currently in charge of the branding of projects at Meta World

Patrick Nguyen

Project Manager

As a graduated bachelor major business administration at Dalat University, Patrick has very strong communicative skill, high creativity, strong team work spirit. With experience working in educational environment, as well as having many years working as a team leader in many fields, he has a diverse background to work in any challenged environment and still achieve big success.

Eri Nguyen

Social Media & community manager

Eri graduated with an excellent degree in Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology – HUTECH. She has more than 4 years of experience of sales and marketing with her main specialisation on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Eri also has in-depth knowledge of many industries in worldwide and strong communication to develop and achieve ambitious sales targets.

Meta World is here to revolutionise the world and build the metaverse. A team made of individuals with proven skills and capabilities have vowed to bring the best utilities to the world. Meta World is here to build a better real world through the use of blockchain technology.