Token Smart Contract Development

As your one stop shop, Meta World is able to assist you with Token Smart Contracts for multiple purposes. Our services include development of smart contracts on the Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum Network. Our team of blockchain will successfully implement the required tokenomics as designed. Through our advisory branch, we are also able to assist you in designing tokenomics that will work best for your project.

NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace (Standard)

Projects need constant development and Meta World enables you to speed up development with our NFT marketplace packages. Our standard NFT marketplace development fee is currently at $10,000 and comprises of the following functions:

NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace (premium)

Our premium NFT marketplace comprises more features than the standard package. It is currently priced at $20,000 and comprises of the following

NFT Auction

NFT marketplace with auction function

The auction function provides holders with the ability to list their NFTs and sell them via an auction process. Auctions have a reserve price and provide users with the ability to fetch a higher price for their listed items. The auction function is priced at $ 5,000.

Token Bridge

The BSC bridge enables projects to tap into communities of the BSC network. Through the BSC bridge projects you can make cross chain transfers and transact on multiple networks. This helps in achieving greater adoption for projects. The BSC bridge smart contract is currently priced in a structure where a 0.1 BNB fee and 0.05 ETH fee is charged for every transaction from either side. For instance if conversion is made from ERC20 to BEP20, a fee of 0.05 ETH is charged and conversion from BEP20 to ERC20, a fee of 0.1 BNB is charged.

NFT Minting Page Development

The NFT Minting page enables projects to provide an interface whereby their community can mint new NFTs. Once minted, the NFTs will be added to the wallet of the holder based on the requirements of the project. The NFT minting page development fee is at $6000.

For projects which have whitelisting requirements, the fee will be quoted based on the complexity of those requirements.


Staking platform development

Staking is a major component of many projects. Staking allows holders to earn passive income from their investment in the project while other development work is taking place by the team. Meta World provides an easy solution to your staking needs. Our staking smart contract implementation is currently priced at $6,000.

Telegram Promotion

Telegram promotion helps in increasing visibility of your project across multiple major cryptocurrency communities on telegram. Our telegram promotion service involves constant promotion of your project in multiple groups on a 24/7 basis. Our monthly fee is priced at $2000.

Twitter Promotion

Twitter promotion involves constant promotion of your project on twitter on a 24/7 basis. Twitter is the hub for crypto and constant promotion on this platform helps in increasing the adoption and usage of the services of your project.

Email Marketing Campaign

Our email marketing campaign service involves sharing details of your projects through a mailing list that has been collected over the years through our multiple websites. The list comprises potential investors who have been in the space for a while. Our mailing list campaign is currently priced at $2000 on a monthly basis.

press release metaworld

Press Releases

Press releases are important in building the right image for your project. Not only do they increase visibility for your project but they also enable you to send the right message to multiple audiences. Our press releases come in different packages. Please refer to our press release deck for more information about the pricing.

Reddit and CMS Trend

Reddit and CMS trends provide an effective way to increase visibility about your project. Our marketing automation tools enable us to operate around the clock in order to create the exposure that your project needs. Our Reddit and CMS trend 5 day package is priced at $5500.

Community Building

Meta World as a team adopts a gamified and innovative approach to community building. The team has worked successfully branded and built the community of multiple projects. The community building process involves shilling across multiple social media platforms, AMAs with renowned communities, influencer marketing and press releases. The team carefully brands the project in order to communicate the right message to the community. Meta World’s community building services vary based on the requirements of each project.

Project Branding

The Meta World team consists of individuals who have grown multiple brands to success. The team understands the importance of branding for any project. Before branding any project, the Meta World team needs to first understand the vision and purpose of the project so that we can create the right branding for your project. The branding services of Meta World are currently priced at $1500.

Website Development

At Meta World we have successfully developed more than 50 websites. Our team ensures that your website reflects the vision of the project. Our branding experts, UI designers , content creators and web developers collaborate to deliver a website that is easy to navigate through and portrays the right information to your audience. Our website development fee varies based on the requirements of each project.

Bot Creation

Our developers have the skills and ability to create algorithms that will automate your processes. Bots created by Meta World have helped in increasing the efficiency of multiple companies by automating their processes. To learn more about our bot operations, get in touch with us through and we will provide you with a quote.

Blockchain and Whitepaper Advisory

Our experts have been involved in the advisory of multiple projects. The team will assist you in the development of your tokenomics, token utilities and will advise you on the best approach to community building. The team also has the expertise to provide you with guidance on the specific functions that your smart contracts should include in order to safeguard the interest of the investors and the community. The blockchain and whitepaper advisory service of the Meta world is on a retainer basis and is priced at $2,000 per month.

Whitepaper Creation

The Meta World team is equipped with the necessary skills to assist you in the creation of your whitepaper. The whitepaper creation process involves understanding the purpose of the project. Post that the team delves in crafting the tokenomics and token utilities that are in the best interest of the project and the community. The whitepaper creation service is currently priced at $5,000.

NFT Creation

In need of NFT artists? Meta World is a one stop shop. The team comprises artists and designers that can create 2D and 3D collections of your desired characters. To learn more about our service, contact us at