Meta World consists of an experienced team of developers and ICO consultants. Our company adopts a strong philosophy of partnership in our work, and only engages clients who pass our strict vetting procedures on their offline and online businesses. The Meta World team has made a strong statement to its client that it will only accept business that offers real value and is solving real-world problems. Any other intention of starting the project, the team does not wish to have any bit of involvement even in the development work.
In Meta World, we do not take up projects that we do not believe in, or without certain recommendations from trusted parties. We treat each project as our own project to make sure the project will be successful. The Meta World team believes in a long term partnership with our client and aligns our interests with the client. We work on a partnership basis with our customers. We charge our clients at nearly our own cost price and work in a profit-sharing model in the fundraising.
We support clients fully throughout the marketing planning and execution and assist the project in building its own unique and active community of investors by leveraging on our existing network of crypto influencers. With our marketing strategy that is up-to-date, we are confident to bring projects that intend to raise funds and bring a positive change in the world.

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